2019 conference registration

Registrations are now open for the 8th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science. To confirm your attendance at the conference please register no later than 20 September 2019.

For more information see the conference page.


Registration form (see below for registration fee details)


To help cover hosting and catering costs for coffee, morning tea and lunches are covered, we are asking academics with employed full time in academia as a Lecturer or above to pay a small registration fee of AUD90. This includes those in the following positions:

  • Lecturer (Australian Level B, roughly equivalent to US Assistant Professor).
  • Senior Lecturer (Australian Level C, equivalent to US Associate Professor).
  • Associate Professor (Australian Level D, similar to US Professor).
  • Professor (Australian Level E, equivalent to US Professor).

If you are a student, unemployed or working as a Postdoc or similar (Australian Level A) you are not required to pay a registration fee. Payments can be made here.


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