The Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science was formed in December 2012 following a workshop on quantitative methods in political science, held in Melbourne.

 One of the main activities of the Society is to hold an annual conference. The Society has four core aims (which the conference support):

  1. To build a more robust network of scholars doing quantitative research in Australia through the auspices of the Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science with a further aim of establishing a formal standing group as part of the Australian Political Studies Association.
  2. To reflect on the use of established and new techniques (including the use of new software) of quantitative analysis in political science, as well as reflecting on how these relate to Australian political science.
  3. To consider issues of measurement (broadly speaking) in political science.
  4. To help strengthen the international networks between scholars using quantitative approaches in Australia and abroad.

Information on the ASQPS executive committee can be found here.

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